Revising My Design Document

This week, my peers in CECS 5510 and I are to reflect on our experiences revising our instructional design documents based on peer feedback. The peer who reviewed my design document was very kind in his feedback and could not find much to critique. However, the two suggestions that he did provide did help me improve my design.

The first was a question regarding the Common Core State Standards. I referenced the standards in my Purpose, and his question made me realize that I should elaborate on what the Common Core State Standards are for those who are not familiar with them. The second suggestion helped me incorporate environmental aids for visually impaired students. With online technology becoming more prevalent in education and the Department of Justice’s ever growing dedication to enforcing ADA in online educational environments, it is more important than ever to make accommodations for students with disabilities (Cooley LLP, 2015). Applying my peer’s recommendation, I added a Braille version of Fahrenheit 451 and a screen reader to the environment for students who may need them.

My instructor also provided some helpful feedback in improving my design document. He recommended that I format my citations in APA format, eliminate the use of first person, avoid ending a paragraph with a citation, and reconsider my chosen assessment for one more aligned with my chosen learning theory. He also recommended that I provide a more thorough discussion regarding my course’s learning theory, purpose, and problem. He reminded me that because this document is oftentimes the only thing that gets to the decision maker, it needs to provide a good argument for its approval.

After seeing the detailed and well-supported descriptions provided in the design document that I peer reviewed, I clearly saw how my design document was lacking. In writing the first draft of my design document, I had simply followed the formatting I had submitted for CECS 5210, and the instructor for that class had not taken the time to provide the helpful feedback that Dr. Faulkner provided.  I revised my design document with Dr. Faulkner’s comments in mind, and I can now see how much stronger my design document is. There is always room for improvement, and I am grateful that in my final semester in this master’s program, I have a professor who will help me improve.


Cooley LLP. (2015). DOJ puts pressure on schools and ed techs to provide accessible educational technology. Retrieved from


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